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Hello and welcome!

I am part of the marketing team at Cinemark, USA. What I do is digital marketing, web design and multimedia.

One of my responsibilities at Cinemark is keeping the website ( fresh with new content each week. Most of this comes from promotions we do with movie studios or food and beverage vendors (like Coca-Cola or Nestlé).

A studio will often purchase a promotional agreement which may include a website “skin” takeover (the background of the site), a banner presence on the home page as well as social media postings. Sometimes they may want more of a marketing campaign that can include a sweepstakes, giveaway, double feature or marathon which requires additional landing pages created specifically for each campaign.

It is my responsibility to design every element on the website each week from banners to landing pages and mini sites to web “skin” site takeovers. I also design and code special emails, social media assets and campaign assets for other sites and apps (Fandango, Pandora, Waze, etc).

Along with web updates, I also create pre-show animations/commercials, LCD menu board animations and edit videos for web, TV or presentations.

Before Cinemark, I have worked in publishing, retail/wholesale, communications, airlines and non-profits. Although I have always been a designer, my roles have ranged from web designer/developer/content manager to book designer and illustrator. I have designed everything from multimedia to magazine ads, billboards to books.

This is my online portfolio. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on LinkedIn.

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Darren Glenn
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